Island Rab - Island of sun, sea and tranquility

Its area is 90.8 km2 where the cities of Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Kampor, Mundanije, Supetarska Draga and the most beautiful city by which the entire island got its name - RAB lie. Maximum length of the island is 22 km, while its width ranges from a minimum of 2 km to the maximum 11 km. The island of Rab is situated under the mountain range of Velebit on the mainland and is separated by a 2km wide channel. Rab Island is characterized by mild Mediterranean climate and has pleasant summers and mild winters. This can be attributed to the mountain Kamenjak (408 meters) that defends the island from the north winds. Rab is known for its well-indented coast, numerous inhabited and uninhabited bays and coves, sandy beaches and clear sea. Around the island there is a larger number of smaller islands and islets that make up this island even more beautiful.

Town Rab

Rab, a port city and the capital of the island, lies on a small peninsula between the Gulf of St. Euphemia in the west and the town port in the east. Along the port there is a wide and spacious road, which serves as a mooring for passenger, pleasure and fishing boats on one side, as well as a main promenade through the city, especially during the tourist season. This promenade connects the well-known Rab's squares, Municipium Arbe, the Square of St. Cristofor (Trg Sv. Kristoforja) and beautiful parks Kormčar and Boškopin. In the latter, there are monuments to Rab's twin cities, Königsbrun and San Marino. There is also a children's playground with swings, slides and sandpit, and other facilities for children's entertainment. The town of Rab is very well known Freedom Square (Trg Slobode) with a magnificent view over the bay of St. Euphemia and the neighboring islands of Pag and Mali Losinj, and Dorka Park, which is a statue of St. Marino.


Barbat is located in the southwest of the island of Rab, opposite the island of Dolin, separated from it by the Barbat channel. There are numerous ports and harbors with boat moorings and small sandy beaches in Barbat. Along the coast there is a walkway that runs through the whole towns of Barbat and Banjol to the town of Rab. The main economic activity of Barbat is tourism, shipbuilding, followed by agriculture, olives, viticulture, apiculture, sheep breeding and fisheries. Sea fruits often end up in many local restaurants. The coast that features a number of boat moorings, sandy beaches, the most famous being beach "Pudarica", as well as excellent cuisine made Barbat a tourist mecca for tourists with different interest, but primarily for sailors and surfers.

Address: Barbat 87
                 51280 Rab


Phone: +385 95 9032134,
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