The Phoenix F55 has sea keeping ability of a larger boat. Manoeuvrability and safe behaviour at sea are the main features of this boat.

From the mass of similar boats, it main feature is design. In the stern there is a large integrated platform, approx ten centimetres above the sea level , with passages on both sides of the stern bench seat what increases accessibility, inside is a large storage. The bow section is built on two levels. In upper part is storage for anchor and lower part is for seating, with an central insert it becomes a large sunbed. The whole interior is quite spacious. The console is set slightly to the right to get a more comfortable passage to the left. Two jockey seats can be installed instead of a double bench seat.

What makes Phoenix F55 different from its competition is its stepped hull, this hull is faster, it is better in rough water and in t​h​eory fuel consumption is 15-30% less than conventional hull. In practice accelerates faster and at only 13 - 14 knots is already out of the water. Because of this characteristic for this boat is suitable outboard engine from 50 horsepower.


Length: 5,5 m
Beam: 2,05 m
Weight: 450 kg
Engine: 50-100 ks
Fuel tank: 100 lit
Capacity: 5 persons


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