TOP LINE was established in 1991 as a manufacturer of boats, prototypes and molds for cars, motorcycles and aeromodeling parts, but the public took their rigid inflatables boats more seriously in 1998 when they introduced the first RIB with a stepped hull. They were also among the first Greek shipbuilders to adopt a vacuum infusion of vinyl ester resins, and biaxial or triaxial polyester for hull, giving them even greater rigidity that allowed them to produce much stronger and at the same time lighter hulls. With a special design and excellent maritime capabilities those inflatables need less power to achieve higher speeds and they have lower consumption.

It is interesting that Top Line points out that they use only the best materials for their boats and that they are among the 5% of the best in terms of the quality of installed components and materials!
Before entering in serial production, each model undergoes rigorous laboratory tests after which the boat is tested in the most difficult conditions at sea, through races and regattas.

In 1998 with their boats they started winning races regularly, with several different models in several different categories.
Later in 2014 with the Corsair 33, they set another record! They sailed the entire Mediterranean, and half of the Atlantic, all the way to the Azores, on a route 3,500 nautical miles long!


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